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Creative Web Design

For most successful companies, their website is the single most important part of their business strategy. Your brand and how you are represented in the online world is THE single most important factor to convince your customers to stay and see what you have to offer.

This could mean the difference between a long and prosperous relationship or a lost opportunity. So what are we talking about? What makes a customer stay on one web site or click on to the next one? Communication – getting your message across to your customer in a clear and simple way that everyone can understand should be your top priority.


At CS Design we deliver websites that are:

  • Easy to maintain and update.
  • Effective, clean and Standards compliant code.
  • High ranking and loved by Search engines like Google.
  • Responsive so they look just as good on Mobile devices and Tablets.
  • Custom functionality to meet individual business requirements.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with an effective online solution to help your business grow. We are passionate about making that difference so contact me NOW to discuss how we can help.

When designing or developing a website, I always endeavour to drive engagement and user interaction. Many designers provide pretty looking sites, which is great but in the words of the late Steve Jobs ” design isn’t just about what it looks and feels like, design is how it works”.


This is why the creativity that goes in to customer websites isn’t just about fonts and colours, it’s about how the user is going to navigate and easily find the information they need to ensure the whole experience simplicity itself.

E commerce Website Design

I provide creative eCommerce solutions for businesses looking to expand and sell their products online. I focus on achieving great results and help my clients meet their goals and grow their online e-commerce business.


I provide e-commerce website design and development that will generate your company many sales online; my focus is generating a return on investment for our clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has had a bad wrap for a while now, not least because of all the spam we get pouring into our inbox every day. But done properly, it can be one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing channels in your arsenal.


Because it is relatively low cost, it levels the playing field meaning small businesses can compete with large multinationals companies.


I have many years experience in creating engaging and effective email marketing campaigns. contact me to discuss your email marketing requirements

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